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My style can be described as Clean, Crisp and Artistic. Working in the art markets and being involved in wildlife photography for the last 14 years , I have developed an artistic approach to my photography. I feel, if you won't hang it on a wall or won't make the cover of a magazine, it's not a good photograph.



Born in Hartford Connecticut, I moved to Florida in 1968 where I developed an interest in photography at a very early age.  My experience with digital Photography began in 1991 while working in the advertising industry. I developed my skills in graphic design and Photoshop under the mentorship of a master photographer and graphic artist Al Bogusky.  With Al's guidance, encouragement and motivation I  learned how to get an accurate color workflow from camera to print, and everything in between. I honed my skills and developed an artistic eye by photographing  thousands of paintings for reproduction, web and catalog printing where accurate color correction is critical.



In 2006, I formed the Everglades Photographic Society by assembling some of the best Nature Photographers in South Florida, to promote Conservation and Education through Photography


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